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To Chase the Wind: In Search of Darwinian Evolution

The 1960 movie Inherit the Wind is used frequently by those who support Darwinian evolution to point to the supposed stupidity of not believing in evolution .   The movie made those who opposed evolution look like religious fools.  Nothing is further from the truth.  The movie had a designed bent in favor of evolutionist and it was a very biased point of view.  The truth behind this movie is beyond this piece so I will not spend any more time on it.

In my introductory piece, I mentioned that Charles Darwin was a good scientist who was intellectually honest.  Darwin makes this statement in "On the Origin of Species:"  "if it could be demonstrated that any complex organ existed, which could not possibly have been formed by numerous, successive, slight modifications, my theory would absolutely break down. But I can find out no such case."   Here is the question: Do we have evidence today that answers Darwin's statement?  After 150 years the answer is no. Darwin's theory has broken down, as he predicted.

It was no accident that two years after the publication of On the Origin of Species, Darwin's followers came up with a missing link:  Archaeopteryx, the oldest bird.  For 150 years Darwinists have used this bird as the missing link.  As it turns out this bird was not the oldest bird and Darwinist now have been reluctantly forced to abandon it, but it was done quietly.  Wow!  The bird that you based your belief in Darwinism is now gone?  Click here for more information on this.  As it turns out, Archaeopteryx was not really a bird after all, but a dinosaur.

Another arrow into the heart of Darwinian evolution are the icons they've trotted out in the last 150 years.  Icons such as Piltdown Man, The Miller-Urey Experiment, Haeckel's Embryos,  Darwin's Finches, Peppered Moths and many others have proved to be false or not supported by the evidence.  Let's take Piltdown Man who was first introduced in 1912.  Piltdown Man was exposed to be a fraud.  According the the book, Icons of Evolution by Jonathan Wells, in 1953 scientists proved that Piltdown Man, though thousands of years old, belonged to a modern human, while the jaw fragments was more recent, and belongs to a modern orangutan.  Haeckel's embryos drawings have been proven to be fakes. In his popular book, Icons of Evolution, Jonathan Wells points out that scientists in the middle 1990s, in an interview with Science Magazine, concluded that: "It looks like it's turning out to be one of the most famous fakes in biology (p.92).  Yet these drawings still appear in modern biology textbooks.  The Miller-Urey experiment has now proven not to support what it proposed to support.  The Peppered Moths turned out to be planted on the trees and a complete fraud, as described by Wells's Icons of Evolution.

The biggest challenge to Darwinism though is the Cambrian Explosion, which is rarely mentioned in evolution books.  The Cambrian Explosion which happened about 500 million years ago shows the animal forms complete with no evolutionary connection at all.  Phillip E. Johnson, in his book Defeating Darwinism by Opening Minds says this about the Cambrian Explosion:  "The basic animal groups appear suddenly and without evidence of evolutionary ancestors.  What is even more interesting is that the evidence for Darwinian's macroevolutinary transformations is most conspicuously absent just where the fossil evidence is most plentiful among marine invertebrates." A documentary was done a few years ago by Illustra Media called Darwin's Dilemma that beautifully describes in vivid dramatic detail why this is such a big issue challenging Darwinism.  The DVD is still available.  Click on the indicated hyperlink to see it on

Obviously, this is a huge subject and many books have been written on these issues.  One important clue about why evolution, as described by neo-Darwinists, is not credible is how they react to anyone who does not follow their line:  They blow them away, literally.  No biology professor can survive if he/she remotely questions Darwinism.  As an example, click here to read about how the editor of a Smithsonian science magazine was fired for printing a peer reviewed and approved article by Stephen Meyer, PhD, favorable to Intelligent Design. No opposing views are tolerated.

Dr. Meyer later wrote a devastating rebuttal to Darwinian evolution in his best selling book, Signature in the cell. The Darwinian way is "our way or the highway."  This is science?  The 2008 movie "Expelled" dealt with this issue in detail.  The movie is still available on DVD.  Click here for a short trailer.  This is akin to the Muslim way of executing anyone who leaves Islam, as is the current case of a Christian Pastor in Iran who has been sentenced to death for converting to Christianity.  Anyone who questions Darwin is sentenced to a figurative death by the Taliban wing of science, the Darwinian evolution lobby.

Opponents of Intelligent Design (ID) will often tell you that it is not science.  They will usually link ID to creationism.  This is totally untrue and a way to avoid the issue instead of giving an answer.  Dr. Stephen Meyer, author of the popular book just mentioned earlier has a fine seven minute video on just this issue.  Click here to view it.

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  1. one "abandoned" Archaeopteryx. We still recognize it as a transitional species between birds and dinosaurs. it's not the oldest but it's still a link in the chain...or a branch in the tree...more accurately.

    The thing is is that if you understand animals(including humans) pass on thier distinct genetic makeup to thier offspring, and that small mutations in genes over small periods of time lead to large mutations over large periods of time...then you understand evolution just fine.

    No species just changes into an entirely different species like magic. It's a long process, and it's still happening.