Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Believe or be Banned: The Intolerance of the Darwinists

Darwinian evolutionists have a stranglehold the science of evolution.  A skeptic of Darwinian evolution cannot exist in any public institution of higher learning, High School and beyond.  If a teacher ever says anything close to casting any doubt on Darwinian evolution he/she will be expelled forthwith.  The fine documentary film,  Expelleddocumented this well.

Now, I thought that science meant to follow the evidence wherever it leads.  Apparently not, when it comes to anyone challenging evolution.  Why is the science establishment so afraid of anyone who doubts or wants to look into anything other than the party line?  Could it be that they're not so sure, or better yet, they don't have the evidence?

I've been a Darwin skeptic since my first Anthropology class in college.  After reading Darwin's classic  The Origin of Species,  I suspected then that Darwin had jumped the sharks after he claimed that the beak change in Finches could be a sign of one species turning into another.  Nothing of the kind has ever happened.  I believed then and I still believe now that Darwin was a great scientist.  I believe that The Origin of Species deserves to be an all time classic;  it is.  Darwin, was an honest scientist.  He clearly stated that if what he proposed in this book did not turn out to be true, such as the fossil record, his theory would break down.  The fossil record is no better now than it was in 1859 when Darwin wrote The Origin of Species.  Where are the transitional forms?  They have not come up with a single one yet; evolutionists  will circle the wagons and dazzle you with their vacuous scientific jargon.  I have a simple question:  Show me the transitional forms?

Darwinian evolution is more blind faith than science.  Their definition of science is all the evidence that "we" allow and if you present anything else you will be eliminated.  Back to the fossil record.  Ask any Darwinian about the Cambrian Explosion and see what he says.  The Cambrian Explosion is a devastating rebuttal to gradual incremental change.  All the fossils found there were all fully formed; no transitional forms; no gradual incremental change.  Click here to watch this YouTube video about the Cambrian Explosion.  I'm convinced that Darwinian evolution has been the biggest fraud committed on science in history. Darwinians are the Bernie Madoff of science.  A house built on sand.

Most Darwinists will tell you that most scientists support Darwinian evolution.  In fact this is not true.  Click here for a list of hundreds of top scientists who dissent from Darwin.  The Darwinists will answer with ad hominem attacks; they will call you every name in the book but cannot prove their theory.  One of their favorite ad hominem attack is to call you a "creationist" or a religious zealot.  No, show me the transitional forms.  If you cannot prove your theory, calling people names will not do it.

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