Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My Way or the Highway: Why Opponents of ID Will Not Let Them Speak

On today's Michael Medved radio show he had a person on who represents the Freedom from Religion Foundation; an organization that  is against religion in the public square and in education.  They're suing a professor at Ball State University who dared to disagree with Darwin in one of his physics classes.  Now the very first question is why sue someone in court who disagrees with you on a scientific point?  Why not present the evidence against that view?  Perhaps they don't have any.  Why are Darwinist so threatened by Intelligent Design (ID)?  I believe they're petrified that their faith in Darwin is being destroyed. What happened to academic freedom?  The Freedom From Religion representative kept saying that ID has been debunked.  What?  Have you seen the list of prominent scientists who disagree with Darwin?  Click here to see it.  This is academic tyranny run amok.

The representative of this organization against religion in the public square kept calling Intelligent Design advocates, "creationists."  Now they never define what they mean by "creationist."  They use this as a epithet against anyone who disagrees with them.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  ID advocates make no such claim to be "creationists."  A creationist is one who believes that the earth was created about six thousand years ago.  This is based on a mis-reading of the Bible.  The Bible makes no such claim that the each was created in six thousand years.  Opponents of ID always refer to us as "creationists."  This is an outright lie but it is their favorite method of answering why they oppose ID.  Memo to Darwinists:  Ad hominem attacks does not offer any evidence against ID.

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